Drinks Menu

Our cocktail menu is evolving. Here is version one.

All cocktails £7.50 each or 2 for £12.

Introducing our Signature Drinks:

Our team have been trained to make all 60 of the International Bartenders Association Official Cocktails so if you’re wondering where to find things like a Long Island Iced Tea, an Aviation, a Daiquiri or a Martini, then just go ahead and order one. We don’t need to list them on the menu. They are available. That’s a given.

Looking for inspiration? Ask for a recommendation.

Below are the Signature Drinks developed and Autographed by our team.


designed by Patrycja Supinska

A light and fruity vodka cocktail blended with Apricot liqueur, apple juice & a splash of lemon juice. Perfectly served in a coupe glass with a berry garnish.


designed by Darius Kwong

A twist on the classic Southside this gin cocktail takes it to a whole new level with the addition of muddled kiwi & raspberries and just a touch of egg white for a delightfully smooth finish. This cocktail takes time to finesse but we promise it’s worth it.

Benedict’s Reagent

designed by Darius Kwong

This cocktail brings a little bit of science to our menu. Bright blue in colour, this gin-based cocktail is a delightful little sugar rush containing gin, blue curacao, crème de violet & a splash of lemon.


designed by Patrycja Supinska

A perfectly blended mix of gin, crème de violet, lemon & apple juice. Served in a hurricane glass rimmed with parma violets & childhood delight. Not just for summer, this frozen cocktail will refresh your palate.


designed by Daniel Rides

A raspberry and lychee liqueur layered with Charles du Frere Blanc de Blanc, served with a berry garnish.

Sloe Moj

designed by Natalia Sliwinska

A twist on the classic Mojito, this sloe gin example encourages you to take things a little slower. Sip & enjoy.


designed by Loren Knott

A Sidecar with an extra bang. The Anti-Oxidator combines cognac, triple sec, white rum and pineapple juice to create a longer cocktail for you to enjoy.


designed by Cameron Edwards

Named after John Keats, former apothecary turned poet, Endymion is an ode to the classic Mai Tai. A fantastic blend of white, gold & spiced rum with crème de cacao, orgeat & a splash of chocolate bitters.


Old Style Apothecary Concoctions

We have saved some of our favourites from the original Apothecary menu. Don’t forget that if you’re looking for a classic cocktail, our team are trained to make anything your heart desires.

Caramel Infused Cuba Libre

We caramelise sugar in a pan and mix it with our own blend of rums and lime juice, lengthened with cola over ice and lime wedges. Served with a blaze of fire.

Smoked Old Fashioned

Bourbon, bitters, and sugar are served infused with smoke, poured over ice (with a cloud).


An Espresso Martini with a vanilla and caramel twist that gives it sweet, deep flavour.

Kiwi Caiproska

Vodka, lime and sugar is muddled with kiwi and a splash of a secret liqueur, then served over ice.

Rose and Lychee ‘Tini

A subtle infusion of rose petals and lychee feature in this twist on the vodka martini, lengthened with apple juice and garnished with roses.

Smoked Applewood Bloody Mary

A blend of lemon juice, vodka, celery bitters and tomato juice is lightly smoked and spiced to your preference. Served with a slice of bacon (vegetarian option sold without bacon).

The Chameleon

A colour-changing martini made with a gin we have infused with secret ingredients to give it great flavours and chameleonic powers.


Focus on…Mojito

There are various stories about the creation of the Mojito, but one of our favourites takes dates back to Cuba in the 1500’s when Sir Francis Drake took his fleet to Havana in search of gold. Whilst his invasion was unsuccessful, he did find his crew had dysentery and scurvy. After discussing things with the natives, he created his own signature drink, the “El Draque”, using local ingredients aguardiente (a crude form of rum), sugar, lime, and mint, which was used as a cure. The word Mojito comes from the African word, “Mojo”, which means magic spell or talisman. Here’s how you make a classic Mojito:

Muddle mint leaves with sugar and lime juice. Add a splash of soda water & fill the glass with cracked ice. Pour the rum and top with soda water. Garnish and serve with straw.

Our twist:

Dark n’ Stormy Mojito

Our blend of dark rum muddled with lime and ginger, and lengthened with ginger beer for a refreshing twist.

Pink Mojito

Crushed berries, berry liqueur and juices are blended with rum, ice and mint to enhance the classic.



If you have any questions about our menu please contact us on 01524 555999 or fill out the form on the contact page and we will get right back to you.